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Potential Products

This is a list of potential digital products with demo's or mock-ups. Click on a title for more information.

Product Idea Title Description

Smartifico is a content discovery and recommendation platform for educators.  

The basic idea is this — Smartifico helps you to create and manage collections of high-quality links, relevant to your learning subject. To be able to find those links for you Smartifico needs context. You can provide it in the form of a reference text. You can get such text from your e-books, Wikipedia articles or other materials. Anything that represents the topic well and can be copy-pasted, really. Once you created your collection, Smartifico will keep looking around the web for contextually relevant items and will deliver them to your account for approval.  

To sign-up as a jLearningLabs early adopter click here

Or you can just add a button to your browsers favorites/bookmark bar that will give you a Jewish perspective while you are reading articles on the web.  Click here to get directions on adding the button to your browser's favorites/bookmark bar.

After you have used Smartifico, please help us improve it by giving us your feedback

Shabbat Interactive

Shabbat Interactive is:

  • A multimedia learning environment that explores Shabbat for children from ages 6 to 11
  • An engaging tool that utilizes cutting-edge technology
  • A groundbreaking educator resource
  • A dynamic educational experience for children and their families

The program contains 9 digital modules designed for interactive white boards and PCs, accompanied by 9 lesson plans for teachers, formulated by top curriculum developers. The first 3 modules explore the history of Shabbat whilst the last 6 modules explore the customs and traditions of Shabbat every week. Each digital module consists of:

  • blended learning curriculum plan outlining learning objectives, knowledge, skills, understanding, learning outcomes, and success criteria for that module
  • printable worksheet for the class
  • PowerPoint lesson plan with resources consisting of:
    • Baseline assessments, learning objectives and guidelines for blended learning lessons on the interactive white board
    • Activities – crafts, dramas, quiz, games, songs, projects
    • Stories for teachers to read with the children
    • Additional material relevant to the module such as enlarged Chumash texts, Gemorahs, and Midrashim
    • Discussion points based on the module that emphasize personal, social, health and emotional aspects that enhance growth in value systems and personal attributes
    • Digital homework based on the content of the program encouraging students to be innovative, active learners in control of their education
    • Summative assessment tools

If you are an educator or teacher and are interested in testing this app, please submit an educator's application

The Amazing Torah Tablet

The comic series, which is called “The Amazing Torah Tablet,” follows the exploits of Micah and Mollie, a brother and sister who face the daily dilemmas of middle school with the help of a magical Torah Tablet. When the siblings least expect it, the tablet comes alive, illuminating the wisdom of our sacred literature.

For the prototype, we have created four motion-comic strips that cover the following Torah portions: Shemot, Va’era, Bo, and B’shallach. Together they recount the Exodus narrative. Each strip is enhanced with interactive links that will engage students and add value to their learning, and a lesson plan for teachers. For teachers who prefer to download and distribute print versions of the comics, we have also provided colorful PDFs.

If you are an educator or teacher and are interested in testing this app, please submit an educator's application

Unlimited Alef-Bet

A Hebrew Alef-Bet online app for pre-school to 2nd grade that teachers Hebrew letter shapes, letter sounds, and starts to build a youngsters Hebrew vocabulary.
Set the stage for Hebrew decoding skills with this delightful interactive educational app.  Kids will have a blast learning the Alef Bet and building a Hebrew vocabulary with Unlimited Alef Bet.  You will see a image and hear each word spoken as the talking Hebrew letters are dragged to the correct spot to build the word.  Before you know it, your child will be saying Hebrew words.
If you are an animator or are interested in helping develop this app, please submit a developer's application
If you are an educator or teacher and are interested in testing this app, please submit an educator's application